Marketing Automation

Hack #1 Acquisition – Heads Up Approach Engage customers on your pricing page. There isn’t much debate here; your pricing/proposal page is your moneymaker. So why not make that experience more engaging and acquire and convert more users? Source: Think about it: 98% of people leave your site without converting into any kind of [...]

You’ve got the trends, you know who you want to target, and you have the demographics figured out: your buyer persona is clear in your mind. Now it’s time to get a process in place and to start outreaching to your audience. If you don’t have your audience research done yet, go back to How [...]

In our free 6-week long Marketing Automation Network course about B2B lead generation, I talked with Robert from Landingi about the digital marketing trends that will shape 2017. It is week 1 of a 6-week free intensive B2B lead generation video course series. What we know for sure is that 2017 will be the year of [...]

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