Imagine if you could track calls like you track clicks. Wouldn’t you like to track the results produced by individual sales reps, individual calls, or calls that come from particular marketing channels? Once you have this knowledge, you’ll never go back. It’s like going from tunnel-vision to 20/20. The phone is often the critical junction […]

There are so many users today, as so many customers. Basically, the customers are the backbone of this industry. Failing to please the mass means failing business. It is essential to make the customers feel important. We do that by connecting to them, by letting them have the best experience while they are using our sites and our services.

It looks like everyone is into AB testing these days. Some people are in for the trend while most are in for what it gives. It’s no surprise since there is so much more to AB testing than meets the eye. It’s analytical and science, it’s creativity and ambiguity, it’s the bridge that gaps the customers and businesses.

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