I operate a no obligation policy. You are free to bring in my expertise to analyse your site and develop a water-tight strategy, and then execute it yourself. The time cost, however, is significant. With the combination of tools and strategies I’ve perfected throughout my years in this field, I can execute rapidly and with precision.

Years of experience go a long way towards developing an effective strategy fast. The world of SEO is constantly changing, so it helps a lot to have someone in your corner who is immersed in it. With my experience, we can develop a plan of action based on your specific goals, and make sure we have a strong chance of winning by properly analysing what we’ll be going up against.

Optimize for profitability by focusing on buying keywords such as “buy italian leather shoes online”. Everyone typing in a buying keyword is already itching to pull out their wallet.

It can be. That’s one reason why it’s risky to try to do this yourself. And sadly, even many “professional” SEO agencies will put your future results at risk by using “spammy” tactics. Why would they do that? Because spammy SEO gets quick results, but they don’t last. With every passing month, Google’s engineers update the system to get better at spotting dodgy SEO practices. The same goes for Bing.

I never implement risky practices. My aim is to give you solid results that build on each other over time. I don’t “game” Google, or any other search engine. I convince them that you are exactly who you say you are, and that you should be given priority in the search results (because you deserve it).

Tracking results is (almost) as important as getting them in the first place. If we just tried a bunch of tactics without tracking results, and something worked, we wouldn’t know what it was. We wouldn’t know what to cut, and we’d keep wasting money on ineffective tactics.

Being “in the dark” is completely unnecessary these days. My marketing strategies have tracking systems baked into their DNA, most importantly call tracking. I’ll be willing to bet your profits live and die on the phone, so why not find out where every call is coming from? When I build these systems for you, I’ll show you how to check this data very briefly.

Getting safely ranked in search engines while putting tracking systems in place might sound complicated…and I suppose it is…but I guarantee it won’t be difficult to run it. Once I’ve finished building this for you and your phone’s ringing loud with new business, I’ll hand the reigns over to you. There’ll be a small “familiarity curve”, but you’ll get the hang of it rapidly, even if you’re not a “techy” person at all.