6 tips to optimize your AB testing

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It looks like everyone is into AB testing these days. Some people are in for the trend while most are in for what it gives. It’s no surprise since there is so much more to AB testing than meets the eye. It’s analytical and science, it’s creativity and ambiguity, it’s the bridge that gaps the customers and businesses.

Every click of the customers is information that takes us one step closer to them. With AB testing, we can keep hearing the customers’ needs, and we can make decisions that will satisfy those needs. How do we do that exactly? ?

When you do AB testing, you can expect three things:

  • it helped the business
  • it did not help
  • who cares since the result doesn’t matter

It is important to make decisions with your eyes wide open. After all, we don’t take a step forward with our eyes closed. The same goes true with AB testing – we need to focus on all the three things. If it didn’t work, then try again next time, this round, do something more or something else.

Remember that AB testing isn’t a walk in part. As technology progresses, so does the customers. It’s now more than ever that people are connecting with the digital property with so many means. We have the PCs, laptops, phones and watches.

There is an increasing innovation that helps people engage more into the field. But no worries since we have ways on how to adjust with all these advancements.

1. Create your Goal!

Having a goal is important. Ask yourself what you want. Do you want to protect what you have, and to get more money from what you have? Base your programs to the goals that you have, based on what your business needs.

2. Let’s talk about Culture

AB testing is all about winning and learning. The truth is, Katniss Everdeen was right. The odds isn’t in our favor that’s why we must work double time. It means that you will need to do test after test, innovate more and more.

3. Tools and Process

Tools can be useless if they aren’t the right one. Make sure you have the right tools depending on your target. We have many tools available today, from lightweight to the heavyweight.

Do not be afraid to ask questions about the features and how they work, pour yourself in them, get scientific and then match the tool that you can use to address the questions or problems you have.

The process is important. It is cross-dimensional; it touches so many aspects as the product owners, the UI, developers and much more. Processing helps you develop a standard procedure.

4. Create hypothesis and variations

Now that you are always innovating, you can prioritize your ideas. Find out where to start when it comes to your impact. What is the level of the difficulty in the process of implementation of your ideas?

Optimize your AB testing software by making different changes on your website, such as different colors, or switching the line of the items of the page.

5. Have an optimized mobile landing page!

I don’t have to tell you that nowadays many of the web searches take place on the mobile. That’s an important reason for you to have a great mobile landing page. Your viewers know that they have other options, so if your website is not mobile-friendly, it takes them only a few seconds to swap to another one, most probably from your competitors.

6. The simpler, the better

Using AB testing can make a difference in your conversion rates. But you need to be careful with the amount of content on your pages. Your visitors like to keep it simple; too many options can be overwhelming and scare the visitors away.

Don’t forget that in AB testing your credibility is your asset. When you think not only of your interest but that of the clients and the customers, you will become a trustworthy optimizer. You are now on the road to becoming one, see you in the short run!

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Article by Romeo Man

Romeo Man is a Business Automation specialist and founder of MAN Digital. If you can get him on your side, you'll start attracting the right people and converting them to customers with a custom-built sales funnel built on data, not hunches. Find out how he does it at MAN.Digital, and follow him @RomeoMan. Follow @romeoman

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