8 Quick steps which help you increase your Conversion Rate

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It’s high-time to increase your conversion rate right now because it’s a foundation of a high sales volume. Remember, increased conversion rate means increased profits. Let’s talk real, what’s conversion rate in the first place?

Conversion Rates Defined

Simply put, these rates are the percentage of customers taking the specific actions you want. For example, the proportion of proposals you have won or percentage of clients who filled out forms on your website, interest of visitors and buyers of products in your site.

Secrets to Improving Rates

1. Do the AB Test

The first thing to do is testing, then testing, and testing. AB testing is a method that helps you turn your visitors into customers. AB testing will help you know which of your products works best for the clients.

If you have two web pages (A and B), and you want to know which one garners more traffic, which one gets more purchase, then you can do AB testing. It will help you cut down expenses from your non-working page and keep the one that works. It’s good to have more web pages that are working, and it’s best to know which among the sites has more conversion rates.

2. Catch Attention with Compelling Value Proposition

Your proposition is an important conversion factor. A proposition is an offer you give to the clients. It’s the reason why customers stick to your site; it’s what you say that entice clients to go to you instead of the competitor.

One way to do it is to tweak the content of your web pages: the colors and sizes, the images, the bonuses, the first things that clients see when they visit your page.

Making a value proposition requires immense knowledge about your business, what you offer. You need to figure out the unique features of your products and services. With the plan comes effective bridging. You must be able to articulate it properly in a way that will be understood by the customers.

To know whether the proposition works, you can use AB testing.

3. Be clear about your services and benefits.

Having a Unique Selling Proposition is important, but what is also crucial is that your viewers understand what you offer. Be simple when you talk about your business. Let your visitors know the features of your services and how they make a difference. Give them visual information of the use of the services and how they are delivered.

Be specific when you talk about their benefits. If they don’t understand from the first two sentences what they can win, you have just lost some potential clients.

4. Take it Slow

Some others make the mistake of rushing customers to their services when they are only visiting and browsing. Take it slow. You must build trust with the clients, develop rapport, and provide the service you said you would. Don’t show your hands from the first time, just get their email address and keep the communication open.

5. Get their e-mails for a better communication

Why a better connection you might ask? Because everyone has an e-mail account, and everyone checks it a few times a week. If not every day. So be sure you have a subscribe button on your page. This way it will be easier for you to keep in touch with your audience and engage them with your products and services.

An e-mail will help you increase your conversion rate because now you have a better understanding of the number of visitors on your website.

6. Divide your audience

Visitors are different people with different needs. Some know what their needs are; some don’t. But the goals of every visitor are different. While some will spend minutes on your website deciding whether to buy or not, others will purchase in a few seconds. For this reason, you need to segment your viewers by creating different experiences for them.

Let’s take as an example e-mail marketing campaigns. Suppose you are sending an e-mail to 100 people that redirect your visitors to a landing page.  From those 100 people, 80 will not be interested, ten will click the button, and another ten will see your product from your landing page.

Now that you have this valuable information, you can use it to your advantage. Having your clients being tracked, now it’s easy for you to figure out what to do with those ten who only clicked, and with the other 80 who didn’t click at all. For the first group, you can send personalized e-mails with different offers, to increase your conversion rate. For the second group, you can give a coupon.

7. Adjust your site based on your user’s behavior

Your page should be engaging enough, so your visitors feel attracted enough that they want to stay. Brand and design are critical assets that, once you perfect them, your users will feel that they are on the right page.

Personalizing your website taking into consideration your customers behavior is what you need to do. Nowadays people are the ones in charge of the purchase process. Once they know what they want to buy, they will do a research and eventually will choose from what they think it’s best for them.

So don’t be afraid to mold your website. For example, if you have some potential clients from other countries but your business doesn’t distribute products abroad, let them know.

8. Get Rid of the Jargons

Remember KISS, ‘Keep it short and simple. It’s difficult to win them with the business language, but easier to win them with the language they know. Make it clear and concise. Don’t use words that you wouldn’t use in your normal conversation.

Track your Conversion Rate

Tracking is best done on a daily and monthly basis. It will make you see the problems and correct them. There are some tools you can use that can track your metrics and improve your profits. The key to your sales and profits is your conversion rates. So as soon as today, start improving your rates.

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Article by Romeo Man

Romeo Man is a Business Automation specialist and founder of MAN Digital. If you can get him on your side, you'll start attracting the right people and converting them to customers with a custom-built sales funnel built on data, not hunches. Find out how he does it at MAN.Digital, and follow him @RomeoMan. Follow @romeoman

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