The Customer Journey Analysis

Observe your buyer's behaviour from their first visit to your landing page to becoming a loyal customer.

In our analysis we look at 4 very important aspects of your customer's journey

Analytics Audit

Our technical team will audit your Google Analytics, Adwords and Google Tag Manager (if applicable) accounts to make sure you track and measure the right metrics for your business.

Together with your team, we will identify what are the metrics important for your CFO. To show ROI of all your marketing efforts. This way we can analyze the KPI's that matter for your organization and all its touch points.

Traffic Generation Analysis

Next, we look into how you drive traffic to your organization. We will look at organic and paid traffic generation.

In paid we will make an audit for your PPC, Google Display Network, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, RTB and other sources.

Our SEO experts will audit your site and recommend laser focused fixes so you can better rank online. Also, we will look at your social media accounts and audit it. We will compare your accounts with your competitor's social media strategy.

Content marketing, as the content is the atom of digital marketing we will make sure we analyze your existing strategy and compare it with your competitor's strategy. We will suggest new content ideas and syndication methods specifically for your business niche.

UX and Conversion Rate Analysis

Together with our UX specialist we will audit and show you. We take into account typical screens (15" and 27") and mobile version of the page. We also check how it looks like on the most popular resolutions. Additionally, we conduct a few tests with your target users to see if they understand functions of the website.

Based on this new findings we will suggest our hypothesis so you can run successful A/B test and multi-variant test.

It will help you improve UX of your website based on the data and improve conversion rate optimization.

Different people have different taste when it comes to design, that is why we base our audit on data from industry benchmarks, trends, users testing, surveys, A/B tests and personalization taking into consideration a customer-centric approach.

Competition Analysis

Before investing a lot of time and money in digital marketing we want to make sure we learn from our competitor's mistakes.

This report will give you a snapshot of the online marketing activities of your competitors. In this report, you will find information about the online advertising, content marketing and SEO of your competition.

We'll look at 4 main topics in our analysis.

Paid advertising
PPC Advertising & Display Advertising

Content Marketing
PPC Advertising & Display Advertising

Traffic Generation


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