Customer Centric Marketing Funnel Setup

We will keep this brief because frankly, we are like marketing funnel hitmen as soon as we are done with the customer journey analysis.

Growth Framework for Your Marketing Funnel

Your marketing funnel will be based on the AARRR Growth Framework and The See, Think Do, Care Framework from Google. As soon as we build the funnel our team will execute the AARRR Framework by implementing the below.


Full Stack Implementation

We offer full stack implementation for your marketing funnels so you can track and convert traffic into leads and leads into paying customers. We'll build a system where we focus on bringing value to your customer, measure the most important metrics for you and continuously optimise the process. So you can follow the flow of the money you invested in digital marketing and get the best ROI.

Analytics and Paid Advertising Setup

Detailed funnel setup - in Google Analytics / Mixpanel

Conversion tracking setup - so you can track all the website events of your prospects

Complete conversion rate optimization tools setup

Remarketing Setup - so you can recover lost opportunities

Detailed Keyword Research - bidding on the wrong keywords is a fast way to lose cash!

Competitor Research - what holes have they left in the marketplace & what can be learned from their ads?

Setup of various campaigns to make use of the different channels listed

Initial bid setup to target the best ad positions

Paid Advertising: Campaign Management

As Google Partners we focus on all AdWords advertising possibilities. Nevertheless, we are experienced with Facebook, RTB and Twitter Ads too.

Management of the entire AdWords search account

Creation & ongoing testing of hundreds of ads

Ongoing growth with more keywords added weekly

Setup and management of Display Network Ads

Mobile brand campaign setup

YouTube remarketing and video ads setup and management

Managing of Facebook Ads

Managing of Twitter Ads (we suggest using this for remarketing)

Optional LinkedIn Remarketing (needs to be tested for your market)

Optional Quora Ads, Reddit Ads

Marketing Automation Setup and Management

Setting up marketing automation rules and event tracking

Segmenting your leads based on behaviour tracking

Lead Scoring - so you can identify the most valuable customer

Building your Lead nurturing campaigns - so you can convert leads into customers

Setup onboarding campaigns to make sure you retain your customers and lower churn rate

Managing marketing funnel, optimization and continuous improvement - so you are always on top of the game (identify where you are leaking leads)

Setting up customer service process - so you can track and record all your customers

Excellent - we can do it. Let's talk about it!

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