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Whether you are working on Upwork or Odesk, the freelance job is not an easy one. Especially as a freelance SEO worker, getting client might not be an easy thing. If you are new to this whole freelance job, take a look at these tips that will make you a freelance SEO backsplash kitchen tile in no time.

It’s Okay to be Picky of Clients

There are two rules when it comes to picking clients. First, don’t be afraid to say no and do not make a transaction with the client outside of Upwork. Some days you might get a decent client that makes working feels like a breeze. Other days, you might get difficult clients that ask for impossible deadlines or requirements. Learn to say no to those people. Also, doing transaction outside upwork can really be dangerous for you especially when it comes to payment.

Legal matter relating to freelance

There are two legal aspects of working online that you need to know about. First, you do need to learn about the tax rules in your country. Freelance workers do pay taxes although there might be a country that exempts that requirement. Secondly, get an insurance so that you are not easily be sued. For SEO consultants, there is special insurance that will cover you in which you can search online.

Securing a Job: all about words

Words are very crucial in securing freelance job especially in a website like Upwork. The main problem sometimes is that people will say anything to get a job including lying about their capabilities. Do not ever post in your profile about ridiculous deadline promise because when you fail to deliver it you will be negatively reviewed. In addition, you should make your cover letter as interesting as you can be when you apply for a job. Avoid being basic and regular or you won’t stand out among other applicants.

Maintaining your future

To have a bright career in freelancing, you do need to keep in touch with your good clients and co-worker. You do have co-workers if you have been grouped by a client to work on a project before. By making a good connection with them, they might help you in the future when you need them. You also do need to keep learning everything about your job in order to be an expert. There are so many new SEO techniques that you will have to learn as the years go by.

Pleasing your Clients

Different freelance will have a different method of pleasing their clients. But in terms of working with a time tracker, there is only one rule and that is never slack off because you are being monitored. You need to focus on finishing your job on time and let the client know that you can be trusted. You can also be a trusted freelance worker if you can deliver reasonable growth of traffic or page rank. Do not try to promise something that you will not be able to deliver such as number one ranking and a hundred percent traffic growth.