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Search Engine Optimization has been a good way for people to promote their business to a certain audience. But how do small business utilize SEO in order to expand the success of their business? Here are some tips from Salesforce SEO director, Todd Friesen.

The Starting Point of SEO for Small Business

As a small business which doesn’t know that much about SEO, you can start with the Google webmaster guidelines. This guideline is the requirements that you need to optimize your rank on a search engine. The basic could include the loading pace of your website, clean HTML, and also interesting XML sitemap among others. You can use webmaster tool to help you get started in using SEO for small business.

Keyword Research for Small Business

Keyword research is very important in search engine optimization. You need to know what is your keyword would be so that you can attract the right audience. You need to find out what keywords your customers will likely to type into the search engine. A tool called Semrush can be one of the best tools, in this case, to track whatever keywords that you need.

The Importance of Content

Content is not just a side show that your website needs to have. You do need to have a fresh and catchy content in order to attract the search engine. You need a high-quality content that you update on a regular basis so that the search engine is willing to put you on the first page. If you have a good quality content, you will also attract more customers. Most customers will share the content on your website if it is good and this is how you can be popular and expand your business.

The Strategy called Social SEO

Promoting your business is one of the most important things to gain success. That is why you do need to create a social marketing strategy through the use of social media to boost your position in the search engine. This type of SEO marketing is commonly known as social SEO strategy. You need to promote the content of your website through popular social media such as twitter, Instagram, and facebook. If you do have a good quality content, people will be likely to share it with their friends. And just in a matter of minutes, you can multiply your potential customers by doing this.

Fighting against the big corporation

As we know, small businesses will always be struggling when it comes to competing against the big corporations. Despite so, you can always follow a specific strategy to be able to stand out against the large corporation. When it comes to SEO marketing, you should try localizing your business. Localization is a strategy that will allow the search engine to find results based on the proximity of the users. You can be on the same page with the bigger corporation if you do this as most people will prefer the nearest result rather than a big brand company that is way too far from them.