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The Idea of Freelance SEO Consultant

Most people think that working as freelancers will get them nothing. The work is not promising and they can’t be rich from it. Well, if you have the same opinion, know that you are dead wrong. Being a freelancer can get you a lot of profits; not to mention that you can enjoy many working benefits. Who says you can’t be rich from working freelance? If you are smart and you choose the right type of profession, be prepared to be flooded with a generous income.

SEO Specialty

In today’s modern world where everything is controlled and run by technology and the internet, becoming a professional freelance SEO consultant is quite lucrative and promising. If you can understand the concept of SEO through basic knowledge and you can apply it to your own business, you can generate immense income.

Being a freelancer allows you greater freedom. Whether you want to boost work or you don’t feel like working for several months….that’s up to you. However, the biggest flaw about being a freelancer is the uncertainty. When you don’t work, you don’t get paid. That’s why I myself have developed a specific system, so I won’t be left penniless. With this system, I’m sure that I always get the job I like and being paid.

Here is my system:

  • Despite the fact that I have never engaged in any full-time work for anyone, I always make sure that I have 3 active projects or contracts, at least.
  • When one project has been finished, it’s time for me to find another active work.
  • I don’t accept any fixed price contract and I avoid such thing. I consider it as a bonus.
  • I make sure that I have good work relationships with clients. Often times, the network expands to me, another network, and other work.

Simple Ways for Easier Freelance Flow

It is not easy to maintain good work as SEO consultant, but here are some handy tips that you can try to ensure your success – and to make sure that your work will run smoothly.

  • Disconnect yourself from difficult clients. Some people are unbelievably difficult to work with – even impossible. They are illogical. They want perfect quality but with low income. They are impolite. They will try any possible ways to blackmail you to do the work without payment. You have the right to fire clients. You have the right to discontinue your work with them.
  • Make sure that you have a written contract before starting the work. If you join in a professional forum, make sure that the deal happens inside it. Such forums usually have their own terms, policies, and regulations that will protect the members, especially the freelancers.
  • Have good knowledge about tax law. Just because you are working online, it doesn’t mean that you are free from paying the taxes. If you don’t want to violate the law, make sure you know about it. If not, consult someone who knows about it.
  • Make sure to write unique and impressive cover letter for each application. Remember, each job vacancy will be swarmed with applicants. If you can’t make a unique cover letter, how can you stand out from the others?