Ultimate Guide to Business Call Tracking & Phone Leads


How to Get More High-Value Inbound Calls

When you have a robust call tracking system in place, you feel excited to invest in a new campaign, because even if it doesn’t work the way you’d hope, you know the data you’ll get from it will be true and useful.


Make your site call-friendly. Independent market research company Ipsos found that 70% of mobile searchers use click-to-call. At the very least, this means hyper-linking the telephone number on your website with “tel:+441010101010” for example. Be sure to include the area code at the start of the number to make it clickable.

Callback Widgets

Add more design and functionality with a callback widget. Most digital marketing blogs will persuade you to put share buttons on your website that follow the user as they scroll. But you don’t pay the bills with shares, do you? You pay them with the sales that happen on the phone. So why not replace your share buttons with a call button that follows the user as they navigate your website, and keep your call staff only a quick tap away at any moment.

Landing Pages

Pages with a telephone number convert better than those without, even if the number is never called. If your goal is to get calls, do one better by making the number more inviting with a callback widget or other click-to-call button. You don’t have to be techy to pull this off. There are many tools available today for creating beautiful landing pages. Among my favorites are:

  • Unbounce.com
  • Instapages.com
  • Landingi.com

Add coupons to your landing pages to help prompt on-the-fence leads to action. Make sure they know that quoting their unique coupon code over the phone is the only way they will get the discount. Don’t be afraid to give them a fat discount either. The phone is a great place to upsell, and repeat custom is worth the initial cut in price. The critical thing with a landing page is getting them past the hump of tapping that call button.


With Google Adwords, the majority have focused on getting people to click, but search advertising can be even more effective for inbound calls. You can create as many different campaigns as you have target demos. Optimize them for calls with phone-specific calls to action:

  • Call Now
  • Call Only Promotion
  • Discounts Over The Phone Only
  • Free Estimates Fast Over The Phone
  • Discover What We Can Do For You Over a Short and Fast Phone Call

Pro Hack: In the Adwords interface you can add a location extension, which will present your phone number listed in Google My Business. Maybe people, especially from desktop, will call that number without clicking. No click means you don’t pay a penny. Free calls!

Bing & Yahoo

When you’ve found a groove that works in Google Adwords, it’s a cinch to import the same campaign into Bing or Yahoo Search. These widely used Google-alternatives might not have as huge a user base, but they are certainly big enough, and they are more relaxed about what you can do in your campaign.

Pro Hack: Add your phone number in the display URL of your Bing Ad. This can lead to free calls.

Social Media

With a Facebook business page, you’ll have the option to set up a call campaign. You’ll have the same audience targeting features as you would with any other social ad campaign.

Use promo numbers for your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and any other platforms where your target demographic spends time. Have your social media managers handle the phone calls from those platforms so your other sales agents can focus on their own specialty channels.


Your business citations should be plastered all over the internet, and be as consistent as possible. The same title, the same email, the same description, and the same telephone number on all your citations helps your search results in Google Maps.

The downside of using the same number on every citation means that you cannot differentiate traffic from different citation sources. My recommendation is to take this trade-off. Citation traffic is organic traffic and therefore is not the most critical kind to dissect.

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