Ultimate Guide to Business Call Tracking & Phone Leads


Call Intelligence: Advanced Call Tracking

In today’s multichannel world, people bounce from device to another. Call intelligence helps you connect the dots to understand the journey your customers are taking to get to the point of sale on the phone.

The technology is new, and therefore still expensive, but it is amazingly useful. With where the industry currently is in 2016, I doubt we’ll have to wait very long before it becomes as affordable as basic call tracking.

Case Study: Call Duration vs. Call Intelligence

A large publisher (you will have heard of them), based their billing system entirely on having calls that lasted more than 2 minutes.

They hired Convirza, a call intelligence company, to optimize their phone sales systems.

Convirza analyzed millions of calls over a few months, and compared a number of metrics with sales results. It turns out that, while phone duration did correlate a little bit with the success of a call, it was a incomplete picture.

There was much more that predicted whether a call resulted in a sale, such as:

  • Percentage of silence. More than 50% meant the customer was on hold. So many 2 minute calls contained only 40 seconds of actual talking!
  • Call spam, usually made by bots. This is a big problem in many call based industries.
  • Lead quality score. Calls under 2 min had almost the same lead score as those over 2 mins.

They found that call duration is not the main thing to determine lead quality. It’s still important, but there’s a lot more to it.


Sales Inquiry

Price Request

Depth of Sales Process

Caller Sentiment (are they excited?)

Objection Language

Negative Emotions

Buying Signals

Personal Information

Basic call tracking can tell you where calls come from, it can record your calls for manual review, and it can be linked with Google Analytics to assess things like which ad keyword generate the most calls.

Quality of lead, however, is difficult, if not impossible to track in an automated fashion without call intelligence. This is where call intelligence shines, and can blow the doors off your current marketing campaigns.

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