Ultimate Guide to Business Call Tracking & Phone Leads


What's the Next Step?

So, you have a business that profits from phone calls, and you want to fill in the gaps of your analytics and know the true ROI of your marketing. What do you do next?

Unfortunately, advanced call intelligence is still quite expensive for many SMEs, even prohibitively dear for some. That is the nature of new technology. But have hope. It’s also the nature of technology that as it ages, the quality goes up, and the price comes down, so if you don’t have space in your budget for the deep stuff just now, keep an eye on the market, because one day you will.

Basic call tracking is much cheaper, you can get your system started today, and it will give you the most important insights. If advanced call intelligence is a “100”, basic call tracking is still about a “60”. You’ll still be able to track how many phone calls you generate from each marketing channel. For most businesses, that’s more than enough to raise your revenue this quarter, if you do it right.

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