We build innovative marketing funnels based on data, not hunches. For tech businesses.

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You Have Untapped Revenue Potential

The digital era has presented you with massive opportunities for reaching more people than ever before. However, it has also lumped a lot more work on your shoulders.

We build your intelligent marketing funnels for online tech business, so your team can focus on building your product and service.


We partnered with MAN Digital to develop a better digital marketing presence.

Operations Director @ Davis Nolan

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Working with MAN Digital helped a lot me and my clients to educate get them closer to our products and services.

Co-founder @ NorthStar Consulting

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The team behind MAN Digital helped our portfolio companies dramatically improvement their customer acquisition.

Investment Manager @ Hub:Raum

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MAN Digital builds convincing stories to help your sales funnel and bring customers to your business.

Serial Entrepreneur

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Stories are everywhere be it in novels, advertising or even our careers. Together with MAN Digital, we help businesses inspire their audiences by telling stories more engaging through digital marketing.

Co-founder @ Whoishiring.io

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How we work

Marketing Funnel

Our team consists of experts in design, copywriting, analytics, marketing automation and sales. We use top industry tools to analyse and understand where you leak leads and money in your marketing funnel, who your audience is, what are your competitors’ digital strategies and what are your organisational goals.

Build a System

Based on innovative growth hacks and the data we acquired in the first step, we will create a new cost-effective marketing and sales funnel that will bring you the customers you deserve.

Incorporate and Facilitate

We will help your marketing team to align its efforts with the new system. We will coach you on an ongoing basis and bring new ideas to test and optimize to constantly grow your ROI.


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NorthStar Consulting
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Google Partner

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