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So You Can Focus On Your Legacy


The digital era has presented you with massive opportunities for reaching more people than ever before. But it has also lumped a lot more work on your shoulders. Marketers turn into data entry clerks. Time and resources are wasted on training new skills and experimenting with software that might not even exist in 5 years' time.
We can build you an intelligent marketing system that does weeks of data crunching in minutes, so your team can get back to doing what they were trained to do.

Intelligent systems are the future of digital marketing. A.I. already predicts your spelling, delivers your search results, and suggests YouTube videos you might like. Why not put it to work making you money.



More than 85% of consumers use the internet to find information on businesses. They only see the few that have high positions in Google and Bing. We can make you one of them.


Once you have attention, it’s time to make money. You need to look credible and professional online, and build a clear and irresistible journey from the first click to the final sale.


Our systems can track the journey of every customer, so you can see what’s working and what’s not. Every dollar you invest is kept accountable. Drop what doesn’t work, and grow what’s making you money.


Step 1. How we get you the attention of the right people

We use short-term and long-term strategies in tandem. With the right strategy you can get results soon, while protecting the future of your business. We use a suite of premium tools (some you’ve probably never heard of) to gather unique intelligence on market trends. With such powerful information, positioning your business to get attention from the right people is a breeze.

Step 2. How we unleash your conversion rates

The conversion potential you want is already there. Most business systems have just one or two “screws” out of place, and it can take a fresh pair of professional eyes to spot them. We use tools such as Hubspot, Google Analytics and Call Tracking to analyse the movements and behaviours of website visitors. With that data, and my expertise in online marketing, I’m able to dissect your current sales systems, find the blockages, and remove them.

Step 3. How we retain your customers & automate your systems

Automation is our end-game. It’s the only way to grow consistently while freeing up your time for strategic thinking. Content Management Systems like SalesManago or Hubspot allow us to automate your email, analyse web traffic, and run A/B tests. Other CRMs such as Salesforce can create reliable customer service and customer loyalty. Zapier is the cherry on the cake. As an app integration powerhouse, we can use it to link any online tool you’re already using and create sub-systems that do grunt-work automatically.

Marketing Automation Funnel



Your business is unique, and will require a unique team. MAN Digital works by carefully selecting specialists from our network with the specific skills your marketing system needs to become extraordinary. Perhaps your message is falling flat. Maybe your design looks unprofessional. Finding the right specialists to first audit your entire system and then optimize it would take a lot of time and expense to do yourself. Luckily, you have us. Our trusted experts are on-call, and in their hands your growth is inevitable.



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I met Romeo for the first time 3 years ago when he came in our acceleration program with his startup, and back then he showed great promise.

Luka Sucic
Luka Sucic Investments Manager Hub:raum

Romeo Man is a talented, up and coming expert in the field on-line lead generation, business automation, and traffic management.

Samuel Cook
Samuel P.N. Cook Founder and CEO James Cook Publishing

Romeo is a talented growth hacker, focused on adding true value to your marketing strategy. I’ve had a pleasure to consult with Romeo one of the projects of mine.

Tomasz Rupik
Tomasz Rupik Co-founder Bleesk

Romeo did an exceptional job on the recent project on traffic generation. He is not only a responsible and eager team player but also an inspiring growth marketer.

Radosław Kmita
Radoslaw Kmita PPC/SEM/CRO Expert MTA Digital

Romeo is not only a smart and proactive marketer but also an inspiring expert. Romeo is an energetic professional with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas.

Cosmin Ochisor
Cosmin Ochisor Business Development Manager Hub:raum

Romeo is really passionate about what he does, always proactive and looking for best solutions.

Daria Plona
Daria Plona Talent Supply Lead Electrolux

I had a pleasure to work with Romeo at Electrolux. Romeo has very strong sense of responsibility and he is really cheerful person and great team player. What I appreciate the most is his commitment to customer service, his ability to anticipate customer needs and focus on big picture.

Anna Smykowska
Anna Smykowska HR SSC Director Emea Pearson

Romeo has supported me on some key projects at Electrolux and was instrumental to the delivery of these projects. I mostly appreciated his constructive challenging, his enthusiasm for new solutions and approaches. He is keen on growing and continuous learning and I have found him to be reliable and flexible.

Evelyne Van Vosselen
Evelyne Van Vosselen Director People Development & Staffing Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

I recommend Romeo, as being result oriented and self driven to achieve results almost at any cost.

Tibi Borza
Tibi Borza Managing Partner Mindoff Group


See your business through the eyes of a customer. Let us analyze your customer journey and uncover sticking points that need fresh, expert eyes to see. After we have finished your audit, you are under no obligation to hire us. You can take our insights and implement them yourself if you wish!