B2B Email Outreaching Tips Great, so we have our list of prospects, we know our buyer persona, and we have segmented all of our potential customers, so now it’s time to start outreaching to them. To do this, we will use Mailshake.com, at a very low price of $9/month. P.S. If you can afford LeadFuze.com […]

You’ve got the trends, you know who you want to target, and you have the demographics figured out: your buyer persona is clear in your mind. Now it’s time to get a process in place and to start outreaching to your audience. If you don’t have your audience research done yet, go back to How […]

In our free 6-week long Marketing Automation Network course about B2B lead generation, I talked with Robert from Landingi about the digital marketing trends that will shape 2017. It is week 1 of a 6-week free intensive B2B lead generation video course series. What we know for sure is that 2017 will be the year of […]

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